It can be a pain to wade through mouse specs just to find the best gaming mouse for small hands. That's where we come in.

Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands in 2022

There are many gaming mouse options available, and there’s never an ideal time to start searching for one. However, if you’ve got small hand sizes, it could be a hassle to go through every mouse available on Amazon to find the best gaming mouse for small hands in 2022. That’s the place we step in.

We’ve done the legwork for you and have created an inventory of our favorite small gaming mice. From classic wireless models to an ultralight FPS lover’s goal, our list will have a mouse that is perfect for you. Let’s go.

 Are you in a rush? Do not worry, because here are our top three picks for the best gaming mouse for small hands in 2022!

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Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2022 – Compared & Reviewed

The hand size of an average American adult male is approximately 7.44 inches when determined from the wrist to the point on the long finger. With the advent of serious gaming, both offline and online PC gaming, selecting the best suitable gaming mouse is equally important as playing the actual game.

The mouse is no longer just about clicking, as it was a few years ago. Nowadays, computer mouse technology has developed and is designed to perform specific needs.

Gaming mice, for example, are distinct from ordinary office computer mice both in appearance and the way they function. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Let’s look at 8 of the top gaming mouse for small hands.

Top 8 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Some gaming mice are significant in giving you an enviable grip and must accommodate the many buttons. So what happens to people who have smaller hands? Here are some of the best gaming mice for small hands.

AwardDesignPC RELATED ITEMSRetailer
Best Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance
Staff PickLogitech G Pro 
Check Price
Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
Check Price
Best Gaming Mouse for FPS Games
Best PickRAZER VIPER MINI Gaming Mouse
Check Price
Best Ultralight Mouse for Small Hands
Check Price
BENQ ZOWIE EC2-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Check Price
Best Gaming Mouse for Left-Handed Users
Check Price
Best Gaming Mouse for MMOs
Check Price
Best Budget Gaming Mouse for Small Hands
Budget PickLogitech G203
Check Price
Staff Pick

Logitech G Pro 

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

The G Pro by Logitech hosts one of the sleekest designs on the market. The outside of the mouse is covered in a black-colored fineness, and the logo is translucent, allowing the RGB light hue that you prefer to be seen through.

In terms of design in terms of shape, the G Pro hosts an ambidextrous design, making it a good option for right- and left-handed users. Because of the quality of its buttons, this mouse could be used up to 50 million times.

One of the unique features that this mouse has is it can remove the buttons on either side. This allows for a customizable level of customization. In terms of the dimensions, this model is 4.92 (inches) (L) by 1.57″ (H) and 2.5 (W). It weighs just 2.88 pounds.

Even though the mouse is wireless, it’s one of the top options suitable for casual or professional players due to its super-fast response time of 1 millisecond. Its absence of cables makes G Pro a preferred option because there will be no drag on the rope and provide the most precise environment and speed.

One of the most striking characteristics of this mouse’s HERO optical sensor of 25K is, to date, the most precise sensor in Logitech’s lineup. You can adjust your sensor’s DPI to be 200-200 up to as high as 25,600.

To provide a higher degree of personalization, this G Pro has two additional buttons on either side, ensuring that both left- and right-handed users can use the mouse.


  • No squeaks, creaks, or rattles
  • The wireless has no perceptible input delay.
  • Battery life out of the box was 28 hours
  • The scroll wheel has relatively light resistance


  • The GPW is a bit tail heavy with the PowerPlay module inserted

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

If you’re in search of an ultra-silent gaming mouse that offers excellent value for money and is affordable, then the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition would be a perfect option.

In terms of design Razer’s Lancehead Tournament Edition hosts one of the most appealing and comfortable designs available in black. The mouse’s surface is exceptionally smooth, and every side is equipped with a multi-layered rubber-like grip. This will ensure your thumb is in the correct position to provide maximum control.

A single of the more prominent aspects of this mouse regarding style is the unique ambidextrous form that makes it perfect for right and left-handed users. The design of the ambidextrous mouse is further supported through the uniform design and buttons on the opposite side.

Grills on the front located on both sides of the cable add a fantastic touch to your mouse’s overall look.

Between the top of the screen and sides, you will find an impressive 16.8 million-color RGB illumination that runs through in the center of the mouse to the front, and finally, the scroll wheel.

As for dimensions, the Lancehead Tournament Edition by Razer is precisely 4.96″ (L) and 2.79″ (W), and 1.54″ (H) and weighs 3.88 pounds.

Regarding speed, the model made by Razer comes with an exact 16,000 DPI optical sensor. One of the best things about this model is its DPI can be set to a custom value, so you can adjust the DPI that will work best for you.

The option lets you set a range of different DPI’s and save the settings to your mouse, which allows you to alter your DPI settings in just a fraction of a second by pressing the DPI button near your scroll wheel.

In the mouse, you’ll have a total of 8 buttons, all of which are fully programmable. You can create complex macro functions simply by using an online-based version of Razer Synapse software.

This mouse was built to last for as long as fifty million mouse clicks. Thanks to the sturdy mechanical switches located in the left and right mouse buttons. A two-year manufacturer’s warranty covers it.


  • High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles
  • Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy
  • 8 Programmable Buttons


  • plastic/slippery rubber sides
Best Pick


Best Gaming Mouse for FPS Games

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

You’ll find it challenging to find better value money when purchasing the Viper Mini. It is a mouse that feels expensive; however, it comes with a modest cost. In addition to ultra-low latency, you also receive optomechanical switches (prevents accidental double-clicks) and the elegant Razer design. This ambidextrous model can fit a lot in small dimensions, including the  61 grams’ weight and width/length ratio of 118.3 millimeters x 53.5 millimeters.

It’s more suited to the claw or fingertip grip; however, if you have the hand’s length less than 16 or 17 centimeters or less, then a palm-grip will work fine. Viper Mini Viper Mini also has a solid grip because of the texture of the plastic and feels premium and long-lasting despite the modest price. 

The distance to lift off is longer than I’d prefer, and many people dislike it for this reason, just for that reason. After testing it in Overwatch, I didn’t detect any issues. 

However, my grip is pretty light, and if you’re heavy-handed with your mouse, then the sensor ring scratching the mousepad will cause you problems. Some have suggested that using 400grit sandpaper solves the problem.


  • Lightest, Zero-Compromise Miniature Mouse
  • Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles & Underglow
  • Drag-Free Cord for Wireless-Like Performance


  • Doesn’t Glide on fabric Center glide is like sandpaper


Best Ultralight Mouse for Small Hands

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

If you’re in search of one of the most lightweight gaming mice readily available on Amazon, The Glorious Model O is the right choice for you. It’s the less hefty version of the famous Model O, with a 9-gram weight reduction that matches the smaller size.

The Glorious Model O- carries the honeycomb design and the PixArt PMW3360 sensor from Model O. Honeycomb shells, which are a source of controversy. However, we’ve come to appreciate these shells over the past couple of years. 

Apart from weight reduction, the performance advantages are well worth the investment. It wouldn’t also be a Glorious mouse without a Glorious “Ascended” cord. Although most companies now offer versions of an easy braided cable, we think that Glorious cords remain one of the top ones you can find for a light mouse. Glorious also scores points for its minimal software. 

Although you must utilize the program to set the RGB light and DPI settings, Gaming mice have internal memory that stores the settings you’ve selected; it’s not necessary to run running the Glorious program running, and that’s great. Overall Overall, it’s clear that the Glorious Model Ois among the most potent gaming mice designed for small hands available at the moment.

 If you’re looking for a light alternative for flick shots or better aim, you won’t get it wrong (or it’s an excellent alternative to the Razer Viper Mini). This Glorious Model O- is available in black and white with glossy and matte colors.


  • Well-built
  • High resolution, buttery gliding quality
  • Clicks are responsive
  • Visually pleasing
  • Customizable buttons


  • Unportable
  • Fewer buttons

BENQ ZOWIE EC2-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse


Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

If you’re a right-handed user and value comfort, you need to consider this model BenQ Zowie EC2. The EC2 is an ergonomically symmetrical layout that “leans” towards the right, making it a left-handed-only mouse. This gives you a comfortable grip that fits your hand with ease.

The EC2 is also explicitly designed to be used in esports. The report rate and the DPI can be both adjusted by the mouse, meaning you don’t have to play with drivers or software to tweak the experience. This means that the EC2 is a plug-and-play device that can be set up flawlessly regardless of the device you connect it to. 

In the end, though, there’s nothing positive to write about Zowie EC2. It’s not a problem, but rather, it’s proof that Zowie was focused on getting the essential experience with no need for extras or fancy mouse features that hinder the enjoyment of gaming.

However, it’s not perfect. The rubber-coated cable is old-fashioned, with the non-slip surface has been an unresolved love/hate relationship. It’s also impossible to modify any of these buttons of the EC2, and it’s less flexible than the other options. 

However, the Zowie EC2 indeed has it where it counts: an outstanding tested and tried-and-true design with the world’s best Pixart 3360 sensors. The Zowie EC2 isn’t exactly the most engaging mouse, but gamers looking for the best tiny gaming mouse might benefit from checking out this model. Zowie EC2.


  • §  Driverless adjustable report rate provides customized esports performance.
  • §  It has lasting durability and comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • §  No additional software is required, and you can enjoy a reliable experience, as it is also optimized for FPS games.
  • You can always use multiple slight-variant models no matter how small your hand is.


  • At first sight, the price may shock you, but it is worth spending the money on.


Best Gaming Mouse for Left-Handed Users

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

Looking for left-handed gaming mice that have right thumb buttons is difficult. Fortunately, SteelSeries’ Sensei Ten is a good choice by offering a genuinely dual-ambidextrous style. It is among the top gaming mice available in this design regardless of the hand you choose to use.

Similar to Zowie EC2, the Sensei Ten is a simple gaming mouse focused on great design, high-quality construction, and a top-quality sensor. The only concession to appearance is the aesthetically pleasing LED-lit SteelSeries logo displayed on the body.

Users obsessed with DPI will enjoy a wide range of settings when using Sensei Ten, as the TrueMove Pro sensor (co-developed with PixArt) can provide DPI settings that range from 50 to 18,000. Beyond the vast DPI range, the TrueMove Pro also sports a tilt tracking feature that ensures the highest accuracy level even if you end up tilting your mouse during a raging fight.

There’s no doubt that the Sensei Ten is indeed a bit old-fashioned. Compared to the current generation of lightweight gaming mice, the Sensei Ten is a little heavy, at around 92 grams. The cord is susceptible to kinking and doesn’t look as elegant as the braided ones you purchase today. None of these renders any of the Sensei Ten unusable in any way. 

We want SteelSeries could upgrade to an unbraided or paracord cable, particularly for the $60 price. However, the issue with the cable isn’t something that needs to be addressed. Mouse Bungee We can’t assist you with. 

Despite its shortcomings, the Sensei Ten is a worthy addition to the legendary Sensei series of the mouse. The shape and sensor are just as good as they’ve ever been, and left-handed gamers searching for a small gaming mouse should begin with this one.


  • 60 million click mechanical switches
  • Balanced for performance
  • Hyper durable build
  • The highest-rated SteelSeries sensor
  • Tilt tracking


  • The silicone sides have a subtle mush to them, which is somewhat meh


Best Gaming Mouse for MMOs

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

Many MMO mice are available on sale, yet none of them are just as appropriate for small hands like the Corsair Scimitar Pro. It’s larger and heavier than other gaming mice on our list; however, that’s to be expected considering that it has 12 thumb-sized buttons on the Scimitar Pro sports.

The thumb buttons are the Scimitar Pro’s primary selling feature. The 12 buttons are not only ideal in MMO or MOBA macros and MOBA macros, but it also has a Scimitar Pro also has Corsair’s exclusive “Key Slider” system. This allows users to move the buttons to 8 millimeters (0.3 inches) so that you can place the buttons in the ideal location.

The thumb buttons feature different smooth and textured surfaces that make it easier to find which part of the cluster without looking at your mouse.

Corsair’s software iCUE programs macros. The program allows you to alter your mouse’s RGB lighting, sync its RGB along with the different Corsair peripherals, and alter performance settings like lift-off distance and DPI settings. Your settings will be saved to the mouse’s memory, which makes Scimitar Pro Scimitar Pro a more portable gaming mouse than you imagine.

If you are a frequent player on World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, The Corsair Scimitar Pro is the mouse you need. It’s the ideal MMO gaming mouse designed for small hands.


  • 12 customizable buttons
  • High DPI, flexible, best for little hands
  • Stunning design


  • It is not suitable for travel
  • A little pricey
Budget Pick

Logitech G203

Best Budget Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

If you’re searching for the best gaming mouse for small hands but with a limited budget, it’s the Logitech G203 is easily one of the top choices currently available.

In terms of visual appearance, the G203 is one of the most compact and straightforward designs among the mice we’ve seen in the last few days. Because of its compact dimensions of only 4.5 inches (L) (H) x 2.4 1″ (W) 1.5″ (H) 1.5 (H) (H), The G203 is ideal for people who have small hands.

In addition to the black, fully-black exterior, There are many chances to show off your RGB imagination. To alter and control the RGB lighting, you’ll need to download and use the G HUB program. Once you have it, you can alter the backlighting of your home in as much as 16.8 million shades.

When it comes to performance in the matter, Logitech’s G203 comes with a gaming-grade optical sensor that can be adjusted to achieve a DPI of up to 8000. It offers some flexibility to adjust how precise and precise you are. This is an excellent option for FPS games.

In the thumb area, two additional fully-programmable buttons are strategically placed to allow quick access. In addition, it also houses an inbuilt memory board that lets you keep up to five distinct DPI profiles. You can switch between profiles by clicking buttons for DPI button.

In the current situation, I do not recommend setting different sensitivity settings if playing FPS games that require lots of quick actions. In some instances, I have accidentally pressed the DPI button, leaving me vulnerable to attacks by the adversaries.

The two buttons that comprise the primary part of this mouse are mechanical. They come with sturdy springs made of metal, providing an additional degree of durability, performance, and a superb overall feeling.


  • Stylish basic RGB gaming mouse
  •  The LIGHTSYNC software is so good
  • very affordable price tag
  • Excellent mouse for right-handed folks


  • The switches are bad

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands? – Complete Buying Guide

Best gaming Mouse for small hands in 2022

How to Measure the Size of Your Hand

Before you decide on the best size mouse, it is vital to know the dimensions of your hands and what’s considered minor. According to Razer, the hands that measure up to 6.7 inches long and 3.3 inches in width are considered minor. Anything beyond that is as large or medium. Refer to the table below to find a reference.

SizeHand LengthHand Width
SmallLess than 17cm / 6.7″7. 5cm – 8.5cm / 2.9″ – 3.3″
Medium17cm – 20cm / 6.7″ – 7.9″8.5cm – 10cm / 3.3″ – 3.9″
LargeMore than 20cm / 7.9″10cm – 11cm / 3.9″ – 4.3″

Why You Can Trust This Review

This review and guide aim to suggest various carefully chosen products that can incorporate into your gaming equipment to improve your gaming performance and comfort.

Before including any mouse in the context of our recommendations, we conducted extensive research. We scrutinized each mouse to ensure it was in line with our standards in terms of size, performance, and overall appearance.

Be aware that our recommendations for products are purely a personal view based on previous experiences, knowledge, extensive study, and community feedback. There was no bias in choosing the mice that you’ll find today.

How We Picked

To pick the best gaming mouse for small hands you’ll see today; we considered each model:


In the grid above, the gaming mouse for small hands should be less than 6.7 inches long and 3.3 inches in width. It is ideal to be smaller than the hand size by a couple of points to ensure it is “perfect” hand size in the ideal scenario.

To determine the most appropriate mice to use in this review and guide, the primary thing we saw we looked at was its size. If the mouse is more significant than the parameters above, the mouse would be automatically removed. If the mouse fits within the parameters above, the mouse would be deemed.

Connectivity Type

While most gamers favor wireless mice, a lot of them do not like the cable because it could get caught up and be annoying, leading a significant portion of players to decide to a wireless mouse.

There is adequate demand for wired and wireless mice, and we wanted to include a decent amount of each.

Sensor Type

Modern gaming mice have either two types of sensors: laser or optical. After a thorough investigation, we couldn’t locate any suitable laser gaming mice, so we did not include any.


Dots-per inch or DPI is used to describe the number of movements the sensor detects and takes action on per inch. The greater the DPI, the greater the sensitivity of the mouse.

Numerous kinds of games require an entirely different set of abilities and mouse movements. We decided that it makes the most sense to have an extensive range of mouse models that have DPI 100 to up to 25,600.

This leaves players with a wide range of choices to choose from.


One of the most crucial things to consider when looking for a gaming mouse is cost. There is no need to shell out an excessive amount of money to purchase an item that will fulfill your requirements. 

It is crucial to strike the right balance between quality and cost, so try your best to stick to your budget! A few of the top gaming mice are very inexpensive, and there are plenty of excellent options that cost less than $30 if you’re searching for something basic to use for backup purposes or as an ideal gift.

Programmable Buttons

The keyboard’s programmable buttons are a significant feature that allows devices like the mouse or keyboard to become more user-friendly. If you use them the right way, these buttons can be easily transformed into shortcut keys that will play a significant part in your games.

Battery Life

If you’re considering buying an electronic mouse, you can ignore this aspect; however, continue going through if you’re looking to purchase wireless mice. It is essential to look at the battery capacity that a wireless mouse has before choosing one for your gaming desktop. When it comes to wireless mice, there are two types to pick from: the ones that allow you to connect batteries and those equipped with batteries. Specific gaming mice have built-in batteries, whereas others don’t.

Hand Size

In the end, be sure that the mouse you’re purchasing is the right size for the size of your hand. We’ve previously discussed how important it is to find the right mouse for your hand size. This can reduce the tension on the fingers, making it easier to operate over the long run. In the end, among the most efficient ways to do this is to utilize an ergonomic calculator online.


When looking for a suitable gaming mouse, how heavy the mouse weighs is among the main factors to think about. While most mouse choices available are pretty light, you can still evaluate these options and pick the most light for your requirements.

But, the principle is that a mouse that weighs less than grams is likely to appear light to you regardless of its actual weight. Another thing to bear on your mind is that wireless mice tend to be heavier than wired models in this class. Wireless mice run on batteries, making them much heavier than wired mice.

RGB Lights

Gamers are in love with RGB lights. Every piece of equipment available today comes with integrated RGB lights. Therefore, we emphasize ensuring that there are plenty of RGB-enabled alternatives to select from.

If you be among the very few who don’t enjoy RGB lights in a few mouse models, you may decide to turn off the RGB light.

Shopping Tips – Mice for Small Hands

In our investigation, we came across some things you should consider before you purchase that next gaming mouse for small hands.

Wired vs. Wireless

Two kinds of mice are available, both wireless and wired. In general, regarding the most expensive mice, there is no difference in the model you pick. But be cautious when you’re buying on a tight budget since many users have reported problems with connectivity when using cheaper wireless models.

Note that even if a particular wireless mouse is expensive, We’ve made sure it functions at an excellent quality before deciding to include it in the course of our review and guide.

Higher DPI Doesn’t Mean More Effective.

A mouse with 25000 DPI isn’t a deciding point unless you require it. In most cases, it’s a good idea to choose a mouse with a DPI that is as high as 1600 (so that you have a bit of flexibility) can do the job most of the time.

In many instances, higher-DPI sensors are more expensive, and this is why unless you require the mouse to achieve this high resolution, most likely you’re paying more for no benefit.

Consider Whether You Need More Buttons

When choosing the right gaming mouse, consider the games you’re most likely to be playing. This can aid you in determining the type of mouse to purchase.

For instance, If you’re interested in games that involve MMORPGs, you’ll be more successful with a mouse that includes a variety of buttons on the side instead of a standard mouse that has just a handful of buttons.

Summary – Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse for small hands

If you’re not sure the best gaming mouse for, below are three scenarios that we’ve come up with three scenarios along with our suggestions to each.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting a small gaming mouse isn’t as straightforward as it should be. It’s a hassle to go through the manufacturer’s specifications to determine if the mouse is sized appropriately isn’t a lot of people’s ideas enjoyable. It’s, however, in the real world. We hope that our guide to the top gaming mice for smaller hands has helped you locate the ideal mouse for your needs.

If you do not have specific requirements beyond the mouse’s size, The Logitech G Pro is a fantastic all-around mouse. Our other options are all targeted at particular niches in gaming or preferences, making them essential or completely irrelevant based on what you require. Make sure you know what you want from your gaming mouse and select the suitable gaming mouse for small hands in 2022.

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