How To Charge A Laptop In A Car (Detailed Guide)

Every car today allows you to charge small devices such as cameras, tablets, smartphones, and more. Some vehicles come with wireless charging plates that charge high-end smartphones. You might wonder, how to charge a laptop in a Car?

How To Charge A Laptop In A Car (Detailed Guide)

Since no way allows you for charging laptops inside your vehicle, nor is any laptop car adapter that can help you solve your problem.

If you’re in a hurry (for an important presentation or meeting) and you don’t charge your laptop, and you forget to charge it, then God is it going to be a terrifying situation, wouldn’t you think?

This is why in this article, I’ll demonstrate to you ” How to Charge Laptop in a Car” without much effort or effort.

Can You Charge A Laptop In A Car?

Many of us might ask whether it is possible to charge laptops in the car?

Short Answer, Yes!

Long answer: it contains an element of science.

The car you are using has a 12-volt Power Outlet (also called the Cigarette Lighter) connected to a car Adapter that can be utilized to power your smartphones and tablets.

But it is important to note that the Power Outlet is only 12V. As the name suggests, Power Outlet provides only 12VDC (Direct Current) power, whereas your laptop needs 110/220V AC (Alternating Current) to charge itself through the charger.

Therefore, you’ll require an inverter that converts DC into AC to charge your laptop; you’ll be able to charge your laptop conveniently at the comfort of your vehicle.

How can you charge your laptop from your car? Four methods

There are various methods to charge your laptop’s battery from the vehicle. We have listed below the easiest methods to charge your laptop using any car’s battery.

Below are the four methods we will learn about how to charge the laptop’s battery in the car.

  • First, the laptop can be charged by the laptop’s charger using an inverter for cars.
  • The ability to recharge your device with the aid of the USB Type C cable and laptop car charger.
  • Charge using an adapter for laptops and car chargers.
  • Finally, you can recharge using an energy bank that functions as a smartphone.

These are the strategies we have listed below for charging laptops without difficulty. So, you choose the method you would like to charge following the available items.

How can laptops be charged by inverter used in cars with Laptop chargers?

Usually, laptops charge by using a laptop charging device. This is power, which can be described as AC power. However, the battery in your car supplies DC power that you can’t directly connect for charging your laptop as the laptop charger requires AC power.

Therefore, you can charge your laptop in the car using the standard charger, using an inverter/charger for your car that can be used to charge electricity. You can directly charge your laptop by connecting the standard AC charger to the inverter with this method.

There are a variety of Car inverters that are on the market. The most likely way to purchase this type of car inverter is through the internet, which means you can buy it on the internet.

Follow the steps to recharge your laptop by using the inverter system.

  • The first step is to buy the car inverter charger to change the DC (Direct current) power to AC (Alternating current).
  • Once you’ve used the car’s inverter charger, connect the wire cable of the inverter directly into the charging slot in a car, and then plug in your Smartphone charge.
  • Connect your laptop’s charger to the laptop you can charge at-home or office electrical power.
  • Then, plug the charger into the car inverter to create an electrical board.

After connecting the laptop’s charger to the laptop and the inverter power cable and the inverter into the charging slot in the car, the laptop will begin charging.

So, with the help of the method above, you’d know how to charge your laptops in a car with an inverter in your car.

Therefore, ensure that you follow the step-by-step guideline that we have outlined. You can purchase the inverter by clicking the link on Amazon or offline if it is available near your location.

How do I charge laptops in cars with a USB type C cable?

You will require a car charger for mobile devices to charge your smartphone using USB Cable, and In the same way, you’ll need a laptop car charger to charge a laptop in your car using a USB Type C cable.

According to the watts of the battery, the exact voltage of energy will be drawn from the car’s battery using laptop car chargers. If you’re thinking about why you cannot charge your laptop using the portable charger? Let me explain in detail.

Because the battery on mobiles has a lower watt than laptops, the charger’s volts will be lower than the specifications. This is why you should not charge your laptop using a mobile charger.

Be aware that before this approach, be sure that your laptop is equipped with a USB Type C port.

Follow the steps below to recharge your laptop by using a USB Type C Cable :

  • First, you must purchase the “USB Type C Laptop car charger firstly”, and only then can you connect it to a Type C Cable. (You can purchase it on the internet or offline. In both ways, you can purchase it)
  • It is recommended to use at least a USB Type C cable available at a low cost for a USB Type-A Cable. If you don’t, you can buy it.
  • After having the charger and cable Connect in the USB Type C laptop car charger into the charging port on a car.
  • If it connects the charger with your car, you need to connect your USB Type C cable to the laptop and the charger.

When connected via USB Type C to the laptop and car charger, your laptop will begin charging. There is no need to make any adjustments to the laptop’s software as every Type C port can charge.

You are now aware of how to charge your laptop in a car using the aid of the laptop’s car charger and a USB Type C cable. This is why you should follow the step-by-step procedure we’ve described earlier.

How can you charge your laptop batteries using a notebook power source?

You may have tried an energy bank on your smartphone, and it is used to charge a device that is not connected to power as a backup. The power bank is based on the watt and mAh.

Because smartphones are equipped with batteries with low mAH, which means that they require lesser mAh from a power bank, however, laptops come with more incredible mAh than smartphones, which is why you require the highest mAh power bank to charge your laptop.

The laptop’s battery will require at least 40000 mAh (milliampere-hour) of the power bank. This means that, without issue, your laptop will be charged by the power bank.

When you buy a power bank for your laptop, ensure that it is a power bank that works with your laptop. If not, only you can purchase. In addition to these, ensure that your laptop is equipped with a C port.

Follow the steps below for charging your laptop with the power bank that is in your vehicle:

  • You must purchase the power bank with a minimum of 40% power. You can find it by clicking the following link to purchase it.
  • Be sure to maintain the entire charge on your battery, so you can utilize it in the future if you require it.
  • After connecting your USB Type C to the laptop’s Type C port, connect to the Type C port if you have two USB Type C ports. If you own one side with USB Type c and another Type-A, join it with the Type-A port.

The power bank designed for laptops that we listed above is a lower cost when compared to other power banks. You can purchase any power bank, but be sure you get a capacity of 40,000 mAh that is enough for laptops.

We have included the power bank used in the test to give you an idea of what kind of power bank you will need to purchase. In the end, would you have had an idea of you can charge your laptop in your car using this power source?

How can I charge my laptop with the adapter (Laptop car charger)?

There is also an adapter to charge a laptop inside cars, similar to an inverter. The significant advantage of this technique is that, unlike this one adapter, you do not have to connect and reconnect.

As in the above procedure, we’ve observed the need for an extra cable, not just to power banks. For this, you have to buy the adapter for your laptop car charger.

Follow the following steps to charge your laptop inside your car with the car charger for laptops to charge:

  •  The first step is to purchase an adapter for your Laptop car charger. We have provided an example of the adapter, and if you’d like to purchase it, you can go through it.
  • If this adapter is available to you, you can use it any time for charging your laptop from the car with it. All you need to do is attach the charging cable in the slot for the charger inside the car and the power pin/jack to the laptop’s power port like a regular charger.

If you follow the procedure above, you’ll be aware of charging laptops in a car by using the adapter. In this manner, it’s possible to recharge your laptop’s battery by using the laptop’s adapter for car charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will An Inverter Drain Car Battery?

A Car Power Inverter is available with different power ratings, such as 150W 300W, 150W, and up to 2000W and 5000W.
But, for use, the Car Inverter with a rating of 150W to 300W is sufficient, and anything higher than that will make your battery drain more quickly.
Additionally, it is recommended not to utilize car power inverters if your vehicle is in a stall because otherwise, the battery drain could be rapid.
To make it clear, A car battery is recharged by an “alternator”, which converts the engine’s pistons’ electric energy to mechanical and stores it in the car’s battery.
The car battery provides power to other electronic components such as Ignition and Headlamps, Taillights, Wipers, In-Car Entertainment System, AC, and other things.

Are Power Inverters Bad For Your Car?

The 12V socket was specifically designed to provide 12V at the maximum.
The most dangerous thing to be aware of is how you utilize your Power Inverter and what power Inverter it’s.
The ideal power ratings for the Power Inverter suitable for use in the Hatchback and Sedan is between 150W and 300W. Anything higher than that will cause a more significant drain on the battery.
Make sure you purchase a Power Inverter from a reputed brand (like the one I recommend). Otherwise, a less expensive inverter could use more energy from the 12V port, resulting in a fuse blowing.
Another thing to notice is, even though a Power Inverter provides an AC outlet, it is advisable to use it for low-power electronics like smartphone/camera/Bluetooth speaker charger, light stand, computer monitor, Gaming Laptops and so on.

Does the cigarette lighter work while the car is off?

After shutting the vehicle down, Most cars shut off the 12V socket for the cigarette lighter. If you’d like to plug into the socket, it is necessary to turn on your vehicle. It’s not necessary to switch on the engine but the vehicle.

How long can the car battery last to charge the laptop?

A typical car battery can provide greater than fifty amps/hour, which is 600 Watts hours. When the engine is off, the battery will power the typical notebook( <60W) for over 10-hours but still can turn on the engine.
It is recommended to start your engine at least 30 mins each 3-4 hours to ensure it can be sure that your alternator will charge the battery. Although car alternators do not produce enough energy( ~300W) in idle time, they are enough to prolong the battery’s backup time for an additional few hours.

Conclusion of How to charge a laptop in a car?

We hope you’d know in the best way How to charge laptop in a car by using various ways. After conducting a thorough study, we’ve provided this information for you.

We’ve attempted to explain everything thoroughly to make sure you don’t face any problems with the issue of laptop charging while in a car.

We’ve listed the different methods for charging your laptop from the car in this post. These include the laptop charger adapter and car inverter charger and using an external power source.

Also, based on the available items and the techniques, you feel comfortable utilizing them. Also, we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that might pop up in your head.

Should you have any questions regarding the laptop charging issue, leave a comment or contact us.

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