How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!

How to Start Travel Vlogging?

If you’re looking to become a travel video blogger but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. The appeal of travel Vlogging is evident to everyone. Travel is a significant interest for many people, and, in the last several years, YouTubers have begun to take advantage of that. 

The number of travel-related video channels seems to be growing every day, and some new Vloggers doubt whether they can be able to stand out from the sea of travel vloggers on YouTube. We hope that in this article we can help you to do that.

Let’s dive straight into this ultimate travel vlogging guide.

Essential Equipment for a Travel Vlogging/Vlogger

The first step to creating the travel vlog channel is to select your equipment to vlog with. While certain pieces are not required, it is essential to have the basic equipment. This is the easiest choice of all: cameras.


How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!

A high-quality camera will improve the high-quality of the videos you make. If most smartphones have excellent cameras, you can easily make vlogs with your phone as well. The first step is to determine whether your phone is capable of vlogging or whether investing in a high-quality camera is more beneficial.

If you’re planning to shop for a brand new camera, you’ll want to think about some of the features the ideal travel vlogging camera must-have. For instance, the viewers will appreciate your videos when they’re recorded in stunning quality, so make sure you choose cameras with HD quality video (preferably fully HD and Ultra HD).

The next thing to consider is image stabilization. You’re likely to shake and move your camera when you travel. So make sure to choose a camera with imaging stabilization using optical technology. Another crucial aspect is the weight of the camera. Choose light and easy cameras to carry and fly around the globe with. It will make travel much easier and more enjoyable, we guarantee it.

In that regard, there are some camera suggestions for any upcoming travel video vlogger:

  • The Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera is an excellent option for travel-related vlogs. It comes with Ultra HD, a flip screen that lets you be in control of what you’re shooting and excellent video stabilization.
  • The Sony A7R II is the ideal travel camera, particularly for those who aren’t familiar with video blogging. It comes with 4K Ultra HD, solid stabilization and fast autofocus.
  • GoPro Hero8 Black is a great alternative. The image stability is top-quality. It also has 4K video and is waterproof with everything you’d expect to make a great travel video camera.

If you’re looking for a piece of comprehensive information on the top Vlogging cameras for 2020, take a look at Our guide on the subject.


While not essential for video production, microphones can lead to better audio quality when you record your videos. If you’re only beginning vlogging, we suggest an affordable alternative or even using your microphone on your phone or camera.

However, let’s say that you’re willing to purchase a microphone to enhance the quality of your audio. Then, we suggest you investigate the Rode VideoMic Pro – A professional-grade microphone that’s suitable for travel vloggers, interviewers or anyone looking to reduce background noises when making videos. The mic is powered by batteries and has a low cost, so you should certainly take a look.


Travel vlogging is a particular job, which is why you must be aware of the minor aspects of the equipment you use for your lenses, for instance. While you may make do with various lenses, it is best to choose an angle-wide lens if you are planning to do your travel vlogs professionally.

Canon offers lenses that are very suitable for travel and vlogging. Notably, we love the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. It’s pretty affordable compared to other models, and the quality is flawless. Lenses may not be the first item you’d choose to purchase, but they’ll help make your life a more simple.

Stabilizing Gimbal

You’ll indeed be moving and shaking and making all kinds of crazy movements when you’re filming your adventures, So a gimbal that stabilizes will undoubtedly be helpful at one moment or other. It will enhance the general quality and clarity of video and make filming more enjoyable as it makes it much easier to carry your camera to different locations. The videos that look shaky aren’t great for viewers and, when it comes down to it, you won’t make a mistake by purchasing one.

How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!

We have listed three of our top three suggestions for gimbals suitable for cameras or smartphones.

Wind Muff

If you’re planning to travel to areas typically windy, you’ll need to invest in a wind muff. Wind mufflers help block any wind-related noises that may be heard in your videos. Additionally, they’re pretty affordable.

There are several kinds of wind mufflers that you can choose according to the kind of device you’ve got. It is also possible to purchase microphones with a wind muff.


Drones are an optional piece of equipment. Travel bloggers prefer a broader angle to shoot from, but it’s not much more expansive than shooting with drones. However, if you’re looking to take amazing sights while you travel and add incredible footage to your vlogs, then you must consider investing in drones.

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone equipped with a 2.7K HD video camera is a fantastic option for those who want the best video quality. However, its Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera is a perfect choice if you are looking for something less expensive. Once you’ve mastered the basics of equipment to film with for travel vlogging, it’s time to create a YouTube channel.

Types of Travel Vlogs

We’ll begin by looking at the most popular types of vlogs you will find on YouTube.

Family Travel Vlogs

If you have a large family who loves to travel and doesn’t hesitate when it comes to the camera, You’re in luck! Vlogs of family travel are fun to watch, and you’ll not feel like you’re working as you’re filming places that are fun to go with your family. 

In addition to being fascinating for viewers, these kinds of travel vlogs are beneficial for parents looking to go to a specific location with their kids.

Solo Travel Vlogs

It’s the best way to discover your self-knowledge than by solo travelling. Whatever age or young, you have the option to always take an adventure by yourself. If you decide to document your travels via video, you’ll be able to look back to those experiences in some time. 

People who watch travel vlogs with solo viewers love it because they can get some ideas on what to do while solo travelling and give them a boost to reserve that one plane seat.

Van Life Vlogs

How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!
Source: Max and Lee

If you’re a Van Life lover, there’s no better way to share your love of the van with people around the globe than YouTube. Many van life vloggers continue to assist their followers in this way by sharing helpful advice, tips, and even tutorials.

Informative Videos

How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!
Source: Wolters World

Between trips, numerous travel vloggers upload videos of information to their channel with the hope of helping to educate more people about their tradition or country. For example, it is possible to make videos on the proper attire in a specific country, provide food suggestions and explain certain pitfalls to avoid.

Create Your Own YouTube Channel

The process of creating your own YouTube channel is never more straightforward. The majority of people reading this have an existing YouTube channel; however, if you’re still not there, read our tutorial for how to get started making videos and creating the channel of your choice.

Before you begin an entirely new channel, be sure to review the YouTube Community Guidelines.

To begin monetizing your travel vlogs, you have to be a YouTube Partner. So first, you’ll need to be familiar with their rules and regulations.

Find Your Niche and Define Your Story

If you’ve ever delved into travel vlogs posted on YouTube, You’ve probably seen various types of travel vlogs.

The next step in becoming a travel blogger is to discover your specialization.

Consider these questions:

  • What kind of videos would you like to film most?  
  • What kind of videos would come naturally to you?
  • What type of knowledge and expertise do you possess?  
  • Finally, what kind of interests do you have?

If you’ve ever felt attracted to a particular kind of vlog, it is a reason behind that, so perhaps you can think about the same idea by creating your version. But, of course, you’ve got a distinct personality and talents, so let your viewers have an opportunity to feel this.

If you have a specific hobby or passion you enjoy, Why not build your travel vlogs around it? For example, if you’re a cook who likes to play with food or cooking, your travel vlogs could be centred around investigating different food cultures and trying different cuisines from all over the globe. 

Likewise, if you’re a book lover, Why not present your viewers with some unique and beautiful bookstores from around the world?

The possibilities of picking the right niche are limitless. The only thing you have to do is to look into the things you’d like to do in the film and where your interests and strengths are. Then, when you combine these things, it will aid you in deciding on your specific niche.

Why choose your niche first?

Specialization will help you reach the attention of a particular audience who are attracted by what you can say and demonstrate. Of course, they’ll have specific requirements for your channel, but they will know what they would like from you. 

Discovering your market niche and staying with it (with some thoughtfully planned deviation, obviously) is the first step to gaining a loyal following who will be behind you; check out your videos frequently and help your channel.

If you look at the various kinds of vlogs available such as family vlogs, travel vlogs, food-centric vlogs, or van-life vlogs, you can contemplate your personal story and how you fit into the various vlog styles and then move on to the next. 

Of course, this requires planning and determination; however, it will provide you with happiness and clarity.

Film Your Travel Vlog

It’s time to give some of the best practices for making travel-related vlogs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Branch Out

While it’s a good idea to feature more well-known and popular destinations in your travel videos, do not be afraid to go off the beaten path to explore other countries and cities that aren’t so well-known. If you share your travel experiences with your viewers, you’ve got a unique power to influence the decisions of others about travel; therefore, take advantage of this and make sure to share destinations you love. Perhaps you will be surprised by how many people love some places just as appealing as you.

Balance Filming and Living in the Moment

It’s only natural to share with your viewers every moment of your travels. However, be mindful of making your film so long that you’re not taking your eyes off the screen and forgetting to be present at the moment. Travelling can become part of your job.

However, you must set certain limits and some time to relax and enjoy being at the moment. In addition, making a large number of videos simultaneously can make it challenging to edit the footage later to find that perfect equilibrium between having too much footage to create a vlog and filming every minute of your trip.

Find New Perspectives

Many travel bloggers have documented the places you’ve visited or yet to visit. That shouldn’t deter you from creating videos about these exact locations; however, it should inspire you to think of a fresh viewpoint to share.

Understanding the local history and culture will help you in this respect. The more you are aware of the area, the more likely you will discover something unique to be able to share with the world. This will provide an excellent education for yourself will also be very interesting and instructive for your viewers.

Capture the Locals

While you’re required to be the main focus of your travel vlogs, it doesn’t mean you’re the only person on the show. Interacting with people from different perspectives and lives is what makes travel so satisfying, so don’t forget to include locals on your travel vlogs. You’ll be shocked by how eager they want to show their cultures and culture to others around the globe. But, of course, always seek permission before filming someone personally.

Editing Your Travel Vlog

How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!
Source: Haylsa & Kyle

There’s a ton of amazing video footage you have gathered from your trip vlogs, but there are additional steps to take before you can broadcast it to the world. Editing your videos and creating a unifying vlog is one of the steps.

If you’re just beginning to learn about vlogging, the idea of editing your video may be intimidating initially. However, the reality is editing your video is never easier.

Most computers come with the company’s own editors programs (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker). You can also choose between buying an editing program or opting for a free one such as OpenShot and VideoPad.

Here are some suggestions on editing your travel vlogs:

  • Make your transitions smooth and seamless. This will help the video look more polished and fluid.
  • Switch up the angles every once in a while to keep the viewer interested. It’s okay to have your preferred location to shoot from, but you should try to include various shots between them to add some spice to your video.
  • Pay attention to your audio quality. It’s no use to have stunning and smooth images when your audio quality is off-balance. Please pay attention to any sound of the wind, background noises or unpleasant sounds that have shown out of your video; remove them by cutting them entirely out or by putting songs over them.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re used to using the same format each time you edit, why not mix the format now and again? You may surprise yourself and come up with something more impressive than you imagined. So let your creativity flow freely now and then and observe what happens.

Promote Your Channel

After you’ve uploaded your first video to YouTube, It’s now time to market your channel so that it can reach more people.

Learn About SEO

When it comes to advertising your channel, knowing about SEO is at the top of the list for everyone. SEO is a term used to describe search engine optimization, which means that it is essential to incorporate commonly searched keywords in your description and video titles and tags. SEO is applicable for Google and YouTube; therefore, you should spend some time researching some of the most searched-for keywords. It is possible to use Google’s Google Keyword Planner to assist with this aspect.

Pay Attention to the Little Things

If you believe that your thumbnails and descriptions aren’t significantly attracting attention, they’re not. However, they are crucial for gaining views, so be sure to employ SEO techniques when writing your descriptions for your videos. 

The proper thumbnail should show what the video’s content is and convey emotion and accurately reflect the content of the video. Do not use clickbait thumbnails or video titles as they often have the opposite result and can turn off viewers.

Utilize Social Media

How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!

The majority of us have at least one or two social media accounts. Profit from the popularity of social media, and make sure to share your uploaded videos after you have uploaded them. Some videos aren’t featured within subscription box subscriptions. Therefore, it’s a suitable method of ensuring that your followers get notified of your latest uploads. Furthermore, you can draw new viewers to social media by properly using tags and digital marketing tools.

Another method you could employ is to ask your friends and family members to share your video via social networks. This allows you to get more people to view your videos and increase the number of followers as time passes.

Be Consistent with Your Uploads

How to become a travel vlogger? this is the best step-by-step guide about travel vlogging that'll help you turn your dream into a reality!
Source; Geeks Vela

YouTube encourages channels to upload regularly, so once you’ve established a particular upload time, try the best you can to adhere to the schedule. Of course, you’re unlikely to travel around the globe each moment, but if your channel is not a fan of travel videos, you can upload informative videos of your travels that you can shoot at the convenience of your at home.

Collaboration with Another Travel Vlogger

One of the most effective ways to market the popularity of your YouTube channels is to cooperate with other YouTubers who create similar videos similar to yours. Collaborations like this are usually beneficial for both parties, and all they need is that you sign an agreement regarding the purpose of the partnership.

There are two options for you to get together and shoot two videos in separate ones that you later upload to your channel. Or develop themes and shoot two videos uploaded on your channels and then announce the collaboration separately.

Include Giveaways

Giveaways are a fantastic method of giving back to your fans. You can pick from various kinds of prizes: the opportunity for a Skype video call with you, an element of your merchandise equipment for filming, or even vouchers. 

If you decide to run the contest, make sure to mention a few easy to follow the rules and remind your viewers to join your channel and then leave a comment on your video to ensure they are eligible to participate in the giveaway. 

This kind of interaction will improve your page’s engagement, which will help rank your videos more highly. Another option is to work with a particular business and offer a giveaway using their products.

More Travel Vlogging Tips

  • Don’t shy away from appearing in your videos. While people may initially click through your videos to learn more about a particular area, they’ll remain connected to you due to your style. Also, don’t be afraid to add personal touches to your videos. Always be your person when you are video-logging.
  • Remember that everyone gets self-conscious when vlogging. In reality, you’ll be in an unfamiliar place, far from your comfort zone and surrounded by strangers. It’s normal to feel nervous when you pull out your phone or camera as you talk to yourself when moving about. It is essential to remember that it’s perfectly normal to be uncomfortable, and it’s important not to let these fears stop you from recording vlogs and having fun. As time passes, more and more viewers are clicking on vlogs and even filming videos, so within a short in the future, vlogging will be the norm, and you’ll be proud of sticking with the trend.
  • Add music to your video. Bonus points for adding music specific to the area in which you’re going.
  • Get inspired. Before you embark on a new location, check out a couple of other travel bloggers. Check out their style, identify the things you enjoy or appreciate about them and note down your thoughts regarding your following videos. Being around other people can aid you in identifying your strengths and interests.

Video Ideas for a Travel Vlogger

If you’re passionate about travel vlogging and don’t know how to begin, We have some suggestions that may help out and motivate you to produce new content. Sure, of them, you can film anywhere, and if you’re in a secluded location, this might provide you with ideas for videos to include on your channel.

  • Essentials videos. Whatever your expertise may be, whether camping, beach holidays or mountain climbing creating videos on the essential items that you’ll require while performing one of these activities could assist your viewers on the next trip.
  • Tips about travelling on a budget. Another helpful video suggestion is how to travel on a tight budget. It is possible to share ideas and tips from your personal experiences or do thorough research on the subject. There aren’t all countries that are cheap for travellers, and it’s an informative video for viewers.
  • Discuss exciting travel stories and adventures. What are some memories you’ve never been able to erase from your mind? Discuss them with your readers and experience those unforgettable moments for the first time.
  • Bucket list destinations. Nearly everyone has a bucket list, and viewers may want to learn about theirs. If you don’t have one yet, you could include a travel bucket list in the form of a video!
  • Blooper videos. Your viewers will love the fun, playful, spontaneous, and lighthearted videos such as outtakes and bloopers and outtakes, so make sure to include them often to make your content more engaging.
  • Plan-with-me videos. These kinds of videos are incredibly well-liked on YouTube. You can create an itinerary version in which you plan your travel itinerary with your accommodations, transportation as well as tours, activities and all the things you’re planning to visit.
  • Talk about events/festivals/concerts. If you’ve visited an area solely for a concert or a festival and you want to record an online video that discusses the event in detail. Detail the positives and downs of your trip and provide your viewers with tips if they decide to do similar things.
  • Discuss your favourite travel destinations. Of course, sharing your top picks within a specific area with your followers is ideal for connecting with them. But, on the other hand, they’ll appreciate sharing something private and might be inspired to visit some of the locations you have mentioned. We hope that you find this guide on travel vlogging helpful! Travel vlogging is a thrilling job, and you can also become a travel vlogger taking these actions and investing money into your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start Travel Vlogging?

The process of starting a travel vlogging channel has never been more straightforward. It starts by thinking about what type of vlogs you’d like to make and then finding your area of expertise. Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you are looking for, then you can go ahead and start an account on YouTube if you don’t have one already. You must keep uploading your videos consistently until you become an official YouTube partner. Then you can discover the world and then film yourself doing it!

How to Make Money as a Travel Vlogger?

You can earn money by affiliate links, sponsorships, creating your own merchandise or even your personal Patreon account. If you’re unsure where to start with your efforts, you should be focusing on obtaining a YouTube partnership program to ensure that you can earn money from your videos by putting ads on your videos. This is the best and most consistent method to earn money through YouTube.

What Camera Is Good for Travel Vlogging?

If you’re looking to become a travel vlogger and a professional, investing in a premium camera is a great option. Still, you could always record using your smartphone. Our top camera choices include the Panasonic FZ300K, Sony a7R II, and GoPro Hero8 Black.

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