How Much RAM do i need for gaming

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

What is the amount of RAM gamers require? Which frequency is suitable? Please find out the answer with our guide to frequency here. In 2022, each gaming setup should be equipped with at least 8GB of RAM. In reality, 16 GB is the ideal middle ground and preferable.

32GB is an ideal choice for making your system more durable or using any software that requires a lot of RAM. But anything more than the 32 GB limit is just overkill in terms of gaming-related.

Making a gaming setup that “has it all” can be challenging, especially for those new to the game. In the end, there’s plenty of information to take into consideration when you are trying to balance every component.

You could get conflicting answers to what amount of RAM are you required to play in the present?

This is precisely the issue we’ll focus on in this post.

What Role Does RAM Play In Games?

The relevant data your computer might require to connect to ensure that your game is smooth and free of glitches that cause a jarring sound stored in RAM.

Selecting the best RAM configuration was a lot more difficult in the past, as various games had vastly different requirements in this regard. Gaming was not yet a mainstream activity, and nobody knew what a “gaming PC” was back when it was.

Today, the scenario is much simpler. 64-bit operating systems are now the norm and have a lot more RAM than the previous 32-bit ones. Operating systems with 32 bits can read a maximum of 4GB of RAM. And even although a 64-bit operating system has a memory limit, it’s not one we’ll see shortly.

The reality is that all modern PCs can have more RAM than it requires.

What Are The Most Common RAM Capacities?

In most cases, in homes today, computers are equipped with either 4 or 16GB of RAM, but some top-end computers can be as large as 64, 32, or 128GB of RAM.

  • 4GB is available on standard desktops and laptops and those using a 32-bit operating system. It’s not enough to play games in 2022.
  • 8GB is the current minimum requirement for gaming PCs. With 8GB of RAM, your system can run most games with no issues; however, some graphics compromise may likely be required concerning more advanced, demanding games.
  • 16GBis the ideal amount of RAM needed for gaming in the present. You’ll probably never be short of memory regardless of the game you play, as long as your PC isn’t running applications that use a lot of memory in the background.
  • 32 GB is becoming more popular with gamers, especially those looking to ensure their builds are built for the future.

As mentioned earlier, 32 GB is not the maximum for operating systems with 64 bits or modern motherboards and CPUs.

But are these enormous quantities of RAM needed to play games?

However, some people would like to spend more money on more RAM. Why?

One of the main reasons you should consider buying 32GB of RAM is security. However, this may not be the best choice in the present since DDR5 is only close to being released; in essence, although it’s unlikely to be the most popular choice for gaming systems initially, it should be considered in the event of future-proofing.

Additionally, those who would like to use their computer as a workstation could require additional RAM since specific professional software is very memory-intensive.

How Much RAM Should I Get?

Now, the issue is: how much RAM do you need to have in 2022?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s our opinion that 16GB of memory is enough for a gaming computer in 2022 because most games will not require more than 16 GB.

In the meantime, if you’re on a small budget and are slicing corners, 8GB of RAM could still be sufficient to complete the task. However, keep in mind that your performance won’t be quite the same level as 16GB. However, it will depend on the kind of game you’re in.

In the end, 32GB of RAM could be a good option for those who wish to make sure their PCs are in the future and utilize the PC as a workplace. But, for gaming for 2022 and beyond, 32GB is typically excessive.

Single Module vs. Multiple Modules

Most motherboards support dual-channel memory, while some top models can also help quad-channel.

Does dual-channel memory increase your performance?

The truth is that the advantages can range from negligible to extremely visible, depending on the game being played. In some cases, you won’t be able to tell the difference, but you can dramatically improve your performance for others.

In reality, there’s little reason not to be able to opt for a dual-channel setup in 2022 because they’re typically more affordable, and having several RAM sticks will give you the ability to replace any that may fail.


As mentioned previously, 16GB of RAM is perfect for playing games in 2022. My suggestion is to buy two 8GB modules for an overall total of 16GB RAM. This will let you experience gaming with excellent graphics. Additionally, since you have several modules, you’ll be able to use your PC even if any of them fails.

If you’re using 16 GB RAM, you’ll be able to lay back and relax for a long time as it is unlikely that you’ll have to run out of memory. It’s also future-proof since you are likely to be capable of playing every game that is released shortly.

But, the amount of RAM you will need is contingent on your budget and requirements. Certain users live stream and edit videos and write content, requiring 32GB and even more RAM.

In addition, software developers, video editors, and 3D modelers are likely to opt for larger RAM modules because they will require them to do their job.

If you can’t manage 16GB of RAM, the alternative is 8GB RAM. When you’ve got 8GB RAM, you’ll be able to play virtually all games, though you will need to compromise regarding graphics.

However, it’s simple to upgrade RAM these days and, even if you receive 8GB of RAM, you can upgrade to 16GB RAM in the future. If you enjoy older games, you should consider getting 4GB RAM. It’s OK to go up to 4GB if you believe you can meet your requirements with it.

Now you are aware of everything you should be mindful of about RAM. It is now time to make a wise purchase. All you need to do is comprehend your requirements and pick the correct RAM. Depending on your requirements, you can then purchase the right amount of RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 8GB RAM enough in 2022?  

Yes, 8GB RAM is the norm for gaming, but graphic work with a minimum of 16GB is recommended.

Is 32GB RAM overkill 2022?

In general, yes, 32GB is a bit overkill, but in terms of gaming, 16GB is enough. 8GB is the minimum to get.

Do you require 32GB of RAM to play?

NO! 32GB RAM is too much, and 32GB is only to ensure future security in the realm of gaming; 8 GB will do just fine 16GB is more than adequate.

Is 64GB RAM overkill for gaming?

Yes! 64GB RAM is not enough for gaming, as a minimum of eight GB should be sufficient to play. Even if you’re planning on the future-proofing of your system, you should go with 32GB. You should consider a 16GB model or an eight-GB kit for gaming.

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