How to Charge laptop battery manually

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

Many organizations have seen their working methods change due to technology. Most organizations have adopted a modern work style. This is due to the technology used to track everything.

Laptops and computers are used extensively for personal and professional use. Because of their portability, laptops are preferred over desktop systems when it comes to usability. A laptop battery usually lasts for between 3-4 hours. To use your laptop for a long time, you must charge it properly.

So here we are going to discuss about how to charge laptop battery manually? in details. Stay tuned……

How to Charge Laptop battery manually?

It has been discovered that many people suffer from battery problems. You might also be interested in “How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually“. What should you do if your laptop’s battery suddenly stops charging?

You may consider a replacement if you don’t have the knowledge to repair it. However, it will take time, even if you don’t have to spend a lot of money and replace the entire laptop.

It’s easy to fix and get out of trouble. We will be discussing proven methods to manually charge a laptop battery to save your data and laptop life. Let’s get started!

Why This Question?

You may be asking yourself why your laptop stopped charging. You can have multiple reasons, such as:

  • Battery life may be exhausted.
  • The charger may have stopped working.
  • You can loosen the charging port.
  • Sometimes, the connectors can fail.


  • Your wall socket may no longer be electrically active.

To find the best solution for your laptop, make sure to read all of the options. If your laptop’s charger or port is not working correctly, I can help you with a few things.

I’ll recommend that you preserve an extra battery for your laptop if the indications of a defective charge or battery are detected for your computer. Being safe is better than sorry.

Reasons for Battery Malfunction

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

The majority of battery-operated devices have a charging cycle, after which the chemical components in the battery start degrading. A battery that is not in good condition can no longer hold any charge and becomes obsolete. Your battery’s longevity can also decline beyond its natural end.

  • Continuously discharge the battery while using the device
  • Operate your device at a high temperature
  • Use the laptop for long durations

If your laptop is not charging correctly after taking care of it, there may be other reasons, such as a damaged adaptor or drivers that are waiting for updates, changes to system settings, or driver issues.

Methods for How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

There are many reasons why laptop batteries can fail. You could have a defective charger, or it may have reached its end of life after being used for a while.

Your adapter or port could have a problem that is affecting the performance. Below, we mention some tips about how to charge a laptop battery manually to help you make sure your charger and port work properly and your battery is new. 

Charge Laptop With a USB

There are a few USB ports on your laptop. You have to realize that different USB ports are available and that you can’t use them all to recharge the laptop. You won’t utilize these for recharge if you have a USB ports type on your laptop. The reason is that only electricity can be generated and not received from another device.

Many modern laptops feature type B and C USB ports. This excellent news is you can use the ports to power your laptop. First, you should check to see which type of USB port your laptop has. Type B or C USB ports are compatible with your laptop and can be connected to other devices to charge it.

These days, most smartphones and tablets have USB ports of type C. If your battery is complete, you can connect the cable to your laptop. This will allow you to use your device’s power source.

Use a Universal Power Adapter

How to charge laptop battery manually?

You can use a USB charger if you don’t have the original laptop charger. The universal power adapter is likely something you can use temporarily. It isn’t ideal, however, because it doesn’t specifically support laptop charging.

A universal adapter is not recommended unless it is essential. It could cause damage to your computer. The original laptop charger included with your laptop was made specifically for this purpose. It will charge your laptop at a safe rate.

While universal power adapters can be found in many shops, they are unlikely to be a replacement for your original charger. Find out the specs of your original charger before you search for a universal adapter. Do not buy any universal adapter and just plug it into your laptop.

Use a Solar Charging Kit

Charge kits that use solar energy are now available. If you are outside and far from the main outlet, this is a beautiful alternative. The solar panels generally ply and utilize the sun’s rays to supply electricity to your laptop. It is highly environmentally friendly to have a solar-based power bank.

There are no batteries available, and the solar panels will function exceptionally well, provided they can be positioned in direct sunlight. The price of solar charging kits falls today as more and more people choose them. It’s a great time to purchase one now.

An air adapter

Few latest versions of laptops are built to charge with universal chargers used in the car or aeroplane. But if you want to use this method, then you’ll have to be running your automobile. Same as charging the laptop with the USB cord, you have to ensure the charging connector you are using for charging is capable of your laptop model or not.

As with any altered charging resolution, you’ll need to make sure the car charger you prefer works as assured. Almost all chargers crafted for the car are specially designed for your power card to work correctly. So you need to choose the best one for your laptop that charges without a power cord.

External battery charger

The website of your laptop manufacturer will allow you to quickly locate and buy the external battery charger. Third-party chargers can also be purchased, but it is essential to make sure that the charger works with your laptop model. Laptop batteries are made for different models.

Make sure to inspect the connectors on the external battery, and make sure you check the cell connectors. Although it’s possible to find universal connectors sometimes, locating them and using them with your laptop can be challenging. Our experts recommend that you read the disclaimers about charging your laptop with a charger.

Super Laptop Batteries

This is an excellent opportunity to get a perfect battery. This type of battery is designed to keep your laptop running for between 7 and 10 hours.

Large laptop batteries are an excellent alternative to using a regular charger for charging your cells. If your laptop is capable of removing the battery, we recommend that you choose this option.

The laptop battery must be removed and replaced with the super laptop. One thing to remember: Charge your other battery using an external charger when you’re working on a supercell-equipped laptop. You will be able to do your daily work with a fully charged laptop.

What About Non-Removable Internal Batteries?

Most of the newer laptop models come with non-removable internal batteries. These internal batteries are lightweight and slim, so they can almost replace the detachable ones.

If you have one of these laptops, there is no way to charge the laptop battery without a laptop if you’re not a technician.

Either a working laptop is required, or you will need to have a lot of experience in opening and fixing batteries. But, again, this is something that only experienced technicians should do.

Plus, if you go this route, the instruments and tools you will need to open the battery, de-solder each and every storm, and recharge them with a dedicated charger would cost you almost as much as a budget laptop.

If you’re an expert and can remove the battery while creating a contraption with the same voltage rating and current rating, you might be able to achieve charging.

We strongly advise against removing internal batteries without professional help. It is dangerous to play with the batteries.

Essential Guidelines for how to charge laptop battery Manually?

These are the essential guidelines to follow when you need to manually charge your laptop battery.

Cover Up Your Lithium Battery While Charging Manually

When charging your battery, you don’t want it to heat up. Lithium cells are used in modern laptop batteries. This can pose a danger if your battery is being charged outside. When setting your laptop manually, make sure to cover it completely.

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight

Do not leave your laptop in direct sunlight to charge it. A lithium battery can become dangerous if it is exposed to direct sunlight. To manually charge your laptop’s battery using a solar charger kit, you should use it in direct sunlight. However, keep it in the shade. Laptop batteries can explode in direct sunlight.

Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

When charging your laptop manually, make sure that all wires are correctly connected. Negative goes to negative, while positive goes to positive. You run the risk that your laptop battery will explode and cause injury if you mess up the wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I charge my laptop battery manually?

To charge your battery, remove the battery from the laptop. Next, connect the charger to it. Now, connect the charger to the power outlet. When the battery has fully charged, unplug it and connect the battery to your laptop.

Is it feasible to charge a laptop battery from outside the Laptop?

You can also charge your laptop with a third-party adapter. These are often called external adapters. Each company has an assortment of external adapters that can be used to charge laptops.

I don’t have an adaptor; therefore, how can I charge my laptop battery?

Alternatives to using a charger to charge your laptop may be capable of charging using its USB Type C ports, even if the charger is not with you.
To charge your laptop, you can use a car battery.
Use a USB Type C adapter.
To charge your laptop, use a universal power adapter.

How can I charge my laptop from a distance?

Investing in a universal adaptor
Use a laptop that is comparable to yours.
Use a USB port to charge your laptop. Even though most laptops and computers have Type-A USB connectors…
Using a separate battery charger.

Why isn’t my pc charging even if it’s plugged in?

The battery is likely liable when the laptop is plugged in but is not yet recharged. Find out a little more about its reliability if this is the case. If it is detachable, remove it and press (and hold) the power button for around 15 seconds. Then connect the power cable to your laptop and restart it.

What is the best way to charge my laptop using a 12-volt battery?

Although a pure sinewave inverter can work well with laptops, inverters are not efficient at charging them. First, the inverter converts 12V from 220V (or 110V), then the charger converts it back into 18.5V (19V), 20V, etc.

Is it possible to charge my laptop via HDMI?

An HDMI cable will not be able to charge your laptop. This is because the laptop doesn’t have circuitry that can transfer current. So an HDMI cable isn’t the best solution for charging a laptop.

Why my laptop’s battery isn’t charging?

There are many reasons your laptop battery might lose its charge. However, we’ve narrowed it down to three leading causes: software malfunction, power cable problems, and declining battery health.

Does my battery needs replacement?

Your battery can fail even after you have used an external charger. So don’t attempt to repair or open the battery yourself. It could be hazardous. Instead, you can purchase a new battery online or visit your local laptop shop.
You can also take your laptop to an expert with the charger so they can diagnose the problem and fix it.
Only professionals can tell you if your battery needs to be replaced. You should bring along your warranty card and documents if your laptop is still under warranty.
You can also contact the phone or mail helpline numbers of your computer manufacturer. You can also get assistance from them.

Final Words about how to charge laptop battery manually?

This guide was created to answer the question, “How to manually charge a laptop battery?” This guide will show you how to do it in a variety of ways. To charge your device with a USB, you will need a type B or C USB port. The type-A USB port won’t allow power to be connected to your laptop.

Use a universal power adapter as a last resort. These adapters are not intended to charge laptops. They may also provide too much charge. In addition, a universal power adapter can cause damage to your laptop if you’re not careful. Make sure to check the specs of your original charger before you purchase a universal adapter.

External battery chargers can be used to safely charge your laptop’s battery. You need to make sure that the charger does not damage your battery. You can connect an AC adapter to some laptops.

Many people now use power banks to charge their laptops. This is also possible. However, you should make sure to fully charge your power bank before you leave home. These solar charging kits are eco-friendly and a great idea. Solar power can be used to charge your laptop’s battery.

When charging your laptop’s battery manually, please be careful. When charging your laptop battery, keep it covered. Direct sunlight can cause your laptop battery’s explosion. Also, make sure you do not make any mistakes when connecting your battery to a charger. This could cause an explosion.

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