How to connect Nintendo switch to Laptop?

How to connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

When Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch in 2017, it gained a huge success. The Nintendo Switch came with many features and games. Many gamers wonder if they can connect their Nintendo Switch with other laptops and still enjoy the same excellent gaming experience. With the right equipment, patience, and some effort, it is possible.

An HDMI capture card connects the Nintendo Switch and a laptop. First, connect the HDMI cable to your Nintendo Switch. Then, connect the other end of the capture card to the HDMI cable. Enjoy! To play your games, make sure you have OBS Studio installed.

The capture card is vital and essential for the Nintendo Switch as it cannot stream directly. Instead, high-resolution streams can be streamed from any device using the capture card. They are available online. The most well-known are the Elgato capture cards. This is only one way. Continue reading to find out about other methods to connect a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite with your Laptop.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

How to Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop – Step By Step Guide

If you love Nintendo Switch and would like to play on a larger screen, I can help. Today, I will show you step-by-step how to connect Nintendo Switch to your Laptop.

According to the most recent reports, Nintendo’s worldwide Wii U unit sales have exceeded previous records. In addition, North American unit sales have exceeded 15 million units.

It is also worth noting that Switch has been the most-loved gaming device in the United States for the past 1-2 years.

There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch has a huge hit, and users love the convenience of carrying a gaming device with them everywhere. In addition, users love that the device can render the playing field on the move and on a larger screen.

You can keep a small mobile device with you to play wherever you go. If you are at home, just connect your device to your TV to be used on a larger screen.

This tiny gaming device is home to many amazing games. Super Mario Odyssey was my favorite game. Many people love Smash Bros and Mario Maker 2, as well as Legend of Zelda.

Many believe that handheld devices can only achieve 720p to 1080p resolution. In a way, this is true. There is no way to increase resolution. Connecting the monitor to your TV Screen is the only way to increase or improve its resolution.

The Dock can connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV. So to get a smooth screen on your new TV, simply place your Nintendo Switch into the Dock. The problem is that if your TV does not have the latest features or was made in the 1990s, what will you do? Is there another way to connect your Switch to a device such as a laptop or a computer and run a game on it?

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop?

Connecting directly without external assistance, the answer is a BIG NO. On the other hand, if you’re asking about external tools, wires, or devices, the answer to your question is “YES.”

You may be wondering why a user cannot connect a switch to a computer directly when the laptops have an HDMI port. By the way, the problem is our laptops come with an HDMI-out port and not an HDMI-in port.

You can connect an external device to a laptop, and the signals are used to display information on the external devices. However, it is not possible to connect an external device and receive a signal from the Laptop.

This means that we can’t connect the Switch to a computer and play games?

I did not say that;

You didn’t hear me correctly. You cannot connect directly, but if you stick to the guide, you will connect easily. Don’t wander around. Follow the guide about how to tie a Nintendo switch to Laptop?

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop?

If you follow this guide, you can connect your Switch to a computer or Laptop. However, computers can’t be connected to switches because of the gap that can be filled with a captured card.

Connect the capture card to the Switch. Once you have connected the Switch, your Laptop will allow you to sign in. But, first, let’s talk briefly about the items you’ll need to complete the task.

Some important things will be required to connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop.

  1. Software like ‘OBS Studio.’
  2. HDMI cable
  3. Nintendo Dock
  4. Video captured card

If you haven’t been using these items, or they might appear new to new, then each will be discussed below, and I’ll give you a brief introduction.


Download software that can capture and display the video on your Laptop’s screen. You can live to stream the video via Twitch and similar services using this software.

You should be familiar with any live streaming software you’ve used before. However, if this is your first time using it, I recommend OBS Studio. It is free to download and use, and it supports all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Elgato is also a popular option for this type of work. Elgato’s free version will allow you to capture HD videos. We don’t need the premium features right now. Let’s now connect the Switch with a laptop.

HDMI Cable

How to connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

Any HDMI cable you have in your house can be used for the objective. The Nintendo Switch package includes a high-quality HDMI Cable. So you can also use it.

HDMI (Interface for high-definition media) cables are used to connect devices. This cable transmits high-definition audio and video signals in the best possible manner. This wire transmits both uncompressed video signals and audio signals with clear images and multi-audio channels. To get a complete audio and video setup, you only need one cable. 

Nintendo Dock

How to Connect Nintendo switch to Laptop

Nintendo Dock’s core idea is that you can use this tiny device to dock your TV at home and play Nintendo games. The docking unit is not designed to give you more storage or improve performance. Instead, it’s just a way to get games onto a larger screen.

This little device is free and can be used as an accessory to a Nintendo Switch. In addition, you can use this Nintendo Switch dock that comes with the console. Simply place the Switch in the Dock, connect a few cables, and the game will be displayed on a larger screen. In our case, this would be a smart TV. You now have Nintendo Dock. It will allow you to display the screen on a laptop.

Video Capture Card

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

To do the job, you will need a captured card. Capture cards are used to capture high-definition video streams from Wii, Xbox One, or PS4 devices.

Pro gamers use captured cards a lot because they provide the best option for live streaming and convert old movies into HD formats.

A novice would find it difficult to find a high-quality capture card. We recommend using the Elgato Gamer capture card as it is the best in the market and top-selling as well. It will allow you to use your Nintendo Switch on a computer with excellent functionality.

It will have HDMI-in as well as HDMI-out ports. You can also check both HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports before you buy the recommended capture card.

Procedure how to Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Why do we need to connect a switch with a laptop? You don’t have the most recent features or a switch that supports a TV, or you don’t own one.

In this case, the laptop screen will serve as a TV screen. You will need to dock the Switch when you play Switch on a laptop.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, let’s take it to step by step to connect the Nintendo Switch to Laptop.

  • The Nintendo Switch can be connected to the Nintendo Dock. It’s easy; just plug the dock cable into the Type-C connector on the Switch.
  • Unplug the HDMI Cable from the Dock if you have already connected it to your TV or Monitor.
  • The Capture Card and Nintendo Dock can be connected via HDMI cable. Make sure you plug the card into the “HDMI In” port.
  • Open Capture Software on your Laptop.
  • While the Nintendo Switch is docked, turn it on.
  • Connect the USB cable to the Game Capture Card and your Laptop. Within a matter of seconds, the Nintendo Switch’s Home screen will be displayed on your Laptop.
  • The Joy-Con can be used to control the Switch on your Laptop. You can stream live or enter the full screen for an immersive experience. You can also record your gameplay and enjoy the back recording feature. Chat with other users or comment live.

You can also use your Switch to play games on your computer. This is a great feature that allows you to multitask.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Nintendo Switch to your Laptop. Now you can continue your Switch gaming just like you did on a TV.

If, for some reason, you are unable to purchase an HDMI capture card or something just is not working. Still, you can play Nintendo games on your Laptop.

These games are known as PC versions of Nintendo’s games, even though they are very limited in number. Nintendo’s first-party games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon cannot be installed on a laptop without following the instructions.

These games are not free, but they do come with a cost. You will need to buy it from the Microsoft App Store to install it on Windows. Fortnite, Minecraft, and many other games can be played on a PC. In addition, the PC version of the game can be downloaded from other sources than the official source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my Nintendo Switch to my computer as well?

Yes, but not directly. The Switch must be connected to an HDMI port on your computer. Then, you can use the video capturing software that we have mentioned to get the job done.

Is there any way to connect the computer with a switch in the absence of a video card?

Without an HDMI video card, you can’t connect. So our computer has an HDMI output port that allows signals to be sent from the device.
An HDMI port is required to run a Nintendo game on a computer’s screen. This is done using a video card. Without a video card, it is impossible to connect a computer to a switch.

Can we record switch gameplay on a laptop?

You can, but you will need an HDMI capture card. The capture card must be connected between the Laptop and Switch. The software was also mentioned in this article. You can use any software you wish.

Did I have to purchase a new Nintendo Dock?

No, the Dock you were using to play Nintendo games on your smart TV may be utilized. If you have misplaced that Dock, you need to purchase a new unit to get the whole task done.

Is there any Other Option?

This is the only way to connect to and use Nintendo Switch directly on laptops. Unfortunately, the capture card is expensive. If you are just looking for games for the Switch, there are many of them in the Windows Store.
Emulators allow you to play Switch games on your Laptop.
Emulators are not stable, and they can cause extreme lags and bugs. You can take a look at the games by choosing one of these options.
HDMI capture devices can be used to connect Nintendo Switch and Laptop. It offers almost no Lag, thanks to its type-C functionality. There are still some.
Data is transferred from the Switch onto the Nintendo Dock, then to the Capture Device via HDMI. Finally, the information is converted to USB to move to the Laptop. This is a slow process, and there should be no lag. Although most games run smoothly, despite this, few are pretty unplayable due to this minor delay.

Final Words for Connecting Nintendo Switch to Laptop

If you’re willing to accept it and want to enjoy the Switch games more at home on a larger screen, You should connect your Nintendo Switch to your Laptop.

It might be tempting to wonder if your Laptop could act as a monitor for your switch console without the need to use a capture card. Although it is possible, you will need an HDMI cable, which is rare. A Capture Card is the best way to connect your Switch to your Laptop.

You now have everything you need to connect your switch console with your Laptop. But, before you start, make sure to review the instructions in the manual. It is always a good idea that you are up-to-date with hardware requirements. Then, make sure to check the Amazon product pages to find out if there are any additional elements to your setup that need some extra care. Good luck!

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